Thai Massage Videos

  Thai Massage Video
(98 techniques for approx. 90 min. massage.)
1,1 GB Download • 59,- Euro VAT incl.

This PC Thai Massage Video Program shows a typical 90 min. Thai Massage as it is offered in Thailand's massage parlours.
The Video Program shows a complete and fluent massage which is subdivided into several useful steps, components and techniques.
Each technique is named for better memorizing and you can choose it individualy with a "click" to select it as quickly as possible if you need it.
Sequences are shown with inserted close ups and various overlapping perspective views to demonstrate the precise position of the practitioner and involved body parts to meet the viewers expectations.
All massage videos are voice annotated with useful information, additional graphics and precautionary hints.

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  Thai Yoga Massage Video
(91 techniques for approx. 80 min. massage.)
743 MB Download • 59,- Euro VAT incl.

With a reason the traditional Thai Massage is called "Thai Yoga Massage" in some western countries. Because the large scale of streching techniques in Thai Massage resemble a kind of applied Yoga.
The amount of streching positions shown in this PC Thai Yoga Massage Video Program is rised to above average to cover the steady increasing demand.
This approx. 80 min. massage video program guides you step by step towards mastering a comprehensive range of challenging streching techniques performed in flowing sequences.
The program is considered for the advanced Thai Massage Practitioner.

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  Thai Face & Head Massage Video
(37 techniques for approx. 30 min. massage.)
283 MB Download • 29,- Euro VAT incl.

This PC Thai Face and Head Massage Video Program shows an approx. 30 min. composition of relaxing techniques for the face, head,neck, shoulders and arms to restore a calm state of mind and to stimulate lymphatic flow for a radiant complexion and to relieve nasal congestion.
Sen channels are gently treated for a harmonized energetic flow.
A perfect complement for cosmetic treatments or at it's own as a partial massage.

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  Thai Neck & Shoulder Massage Video
(35 techniques for approx. 40 min. massage.)
398 MB Download • 39,- Euro VAT incl.

This PC Thai Neck and Shoulder Massage Video Program is designed to treat one of the most comon problematic areas of the body very effective.
Stimulating acupressure points accomplish a lasting effect by treating those conditions which result from physical or emotional stress, repetive overwork and poor posture.
The use of elbows and forearms in this intense partial body massage relieve the hands of the practitioner.

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  Thai Foot Massage Video
(82 techniques for approx. 70 min. massage.)
421 MB Download • 49,- Euro VAT incl.

The experience of receiving a Thai Foot Massage is indeed a worthy enjoyment while visiting Thailand.
At first view one finds out that it is equally popular with Thais and tourists.
Thai Foot Massage practitioner you can see everywhere and at any occasion, even though the techniques can differ from each other.
In this approx. 70 min. PC Thai Foot Massage Video Program we assemble about 98% of all applied techniques into a meaningful sequence, in favour of the completeness of the variety of Thai Foot Massage techniques.
In practice the amount of applied techniques in one session are often smaller.

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  TME® Thai Master Collection
(Over 300 techniques to make you a professional!)

All of the above PC Thai Massage Video Programs at an affordable price.

119,- Euro VAT incl.

A massage video may not replace a qualified massage course/training because an interaction with an experienced teacher and other students is missing.
We developed the massage video programs primarly for those with a certain knowledge in massage practice or who graduated at least a basic course.
The massage videos are perfect to fresh up your knowledge and to learn lots of new techniques to enhance your spectrum.

System Requirements:

The PC Massage Video Program is compatible with:
Windows 7, 8, Vista, XP, Linux
Mac OS X from 10.1, G4,min. 800 MHz, 512 MB RAM
You need the Firefox or Google Chrome Browser
for Windows, Mac or Linux and the Adobe Reader.
(Available online for free!)
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